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Tree & Plant Healthcare

Our horticulturalists and experienced maintenance staff are dedicated to keeping your landscaping healthy and looking spectacular, while following sound horticultural practices and the strictest safety standards.

Basic Tree Services

  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Removal

Tree & Plant Healthcare

Emerald Ash Borer- EAB

This invasive pest can kill any untreated ash trees, usually within 2 years of infestation.

Are your trees showing symptoms?

  • Dieback in tree canopy
  • “D” shaped exit holes
  • Woodpecker damage
  • New sprouts forming from the tree base

Trees can be expensive to replace and no one wants to lose a full grown tree. Our tree professionals will treat, track and monitor your trees.

Apple Scab

Apple Scab is a fungus, which infects both leaves and fruit. It is a very common disease, and it is one of the most damaging diseases of several ornamental trees in Minnesota, including crabapples and apples. Susceptible trees become defoliated by mid-summer, which will weaken the tree over time.

Are your trees showing symptoms?

  • Velvety, mostly round olive-green spots up to 1/2 inch across, with feathery-looking borders.
  • With age, spots turn dark brown to black, enlarge and grow together, generally along leaf veins.
  • Infected fruit have olive-green spots that turn brown and corky with time.
  • Severely infected fruit may be deformed and cracked.

Our tree professionals will treat and help manage Apple Scab throughout the growing season to maintain healthy, strong trees throughout your property.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetle grubs are white and C shaped and live in the soil from January to March and beginning April to May, they feed on the roots of grass and over 300 plant and tree species including vines, linden trees and shrub roses.

When the grubs are chewing off grass roots, it reduces the ability of the grass to take up enough water to stand up against hot, dry weather. As a result, large DEAD patches of grass develop. On trees and plants, the beetle will eat plant tissue between the veins, causing the plant to look skeleton like.

Our tree and plant care professionals know the best time of year to treat these pests, how to treat grubs versus adult beetles, and which chemicals should be used based on the specific infestation. Let US worry about fighting the pests in your trees and plants.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization is the process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of the tree. This process helps aerate or provide much needed oxygen to the root system.

This treatment is typically repeated annually. It can be done more often in trees where severe root damage has already occurred.

Ask our fertilization technicians how this service can benefit your property today.

“My experience with Cutting Edge has been excellent. Their professionalism, focus on customer service and willing to work within your budget is just what we were looking for.”

- Joe Duperre, General Manager, Burnsville Center